Species Plantarum - in English?

Is anyone aware of a translation (or partial) of Species plantarum into English? Alternatively, is there a willing Latin translator (human) available for a few descriptions now (and possibly later)?

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Actually, if you type “translate latin into english” (or whatever target language you’re interested in) into your browser, and then type or copy the latin text into the browser window, you’ll get a fairly good translation of Linnaeus’ description.

That said, it would be nice to have a complete translation of Species Plantarum, so let’s see if there is such a thing.


As far as I can, I am available for translation

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Thank you! When I get something together, I may (probably will) take you up on that offer.

Just to be clear, I meant for the translation of a certain number of taxa

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:) Not the entire series of all editions, all volumes? By Sunday?

Or monday? ^_^

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I forgot that it already is Sunday.

@blue_celery I sent you a private message.

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