Species suggestions: selection and order

Sometimes I use the German version of iNat, sometimes the English version. During identification sessions, I saw that the suggestions differ depending on the selected language. When I type zw to get Zweikeimblättrige (dicots), it is shown as the first item when the German version is selected, but as the second item when the English version is selected; oddly, the English vresion prefers to suggest the Polish Zwierzeta which comes last in the German version:

Beyond that, some entries only show up in English, and others only in German; the English version offers Dutch suggestions, too (I do not know which language Zwikonyana belongs to).
I feel a little confused.
What’s the background for those differences?


I can’t help with the underlying question, but it looks like Zwierzęta [edit: top choice on the English-language “zw” search] is Polish. I’m not sure what language Zwikonyana is…Google Translate’s “detect language” came up with Swahili but didn’t translate it

One source indicates that it means ‘insect’ in Kalanga, which is spoken from SW Zimbabwe to North Central - NE Botswana.

If you paste Zwikonyana into the iNat search bar it also reads as ‘insects’, so the listed source is probably correct.

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^ From the iNat Taxonomy tab on Insecta.


One that often bugs me is ‘Q’ brings up section Quercus before genus Quercus


How do we trick the system into offering genus?
I get everything but, with the genus off the bottom of list.

That does not happen when I use German language. But take care: “Montiaceae (Quellkrautgewächse)” comes first in the list, followed by Quercus (genus), Ambistomatidae (Querzahnmolche), and Quercus (section) on 4th place.

It also seems to depend on how much autocompletion is needed:

Quercu produces th eundesired result, but

Quercus gives what one’d actually want.

I wish I knew how to prioritize the names so this wouldn’t happen, or if it’s even possible.


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