Odd language selection on "Information" page

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Chrome 79 on Windows 7 Professional 64bit (German); browser set to prefer English, then German; inat currently set to German
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Step 1:
I open a taxon page, and there select the “Information” page
Sometimes the language of that page is rather odd:
in the screenshot above it’s Scots.
Also found Minangkabau on a different page (don’t remember the URL).

Please flag the taxon, you can find the button to do so to the right of the Similar Taxa button, or if that’s not visible, the Taxonomy button. Click Curation there, and then click Flag for curation. Thanks!

Well this is an ongoing issue for languages without Wikipedia pages. We can’t do anything except turn off the page for all languages, which isn’t very helpful. I think I’ll put up a feature request at some point.

Actually it looks like one potential solution was supposedly already implemented. https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/use-english-wikipedia-as-taxa-information-fallback-if-no-wikipedia-entry-in-my-non-english-language-exists/17722

The taxa you’ve flagged all show up with an EOL description instead of Wikipedia, which might be part of the issue.

@forum_moderators Might be worth reopening that thread if it’s not actually working.


Thanks, Thomas.
Let me just add the link to the other 2 taxon pages - having more examples might help the developers:
https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/188925-Acanthus-ilicifolius in Asturian language
https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/471016-Exocentrus-lusitanus in Minangkabau language