Specification for CSV upload file

Is there a more detailed specification for the CSV upload than this one? https://inaturalist.ca/observations/import#csv_import
For example, if I want to include more than one tag is there a separator I can use? How do I include a carriage return in my description? Can I import comments?

You can try or you can read the forum. I expect the example in your link is clear enough for three answers.

Well, i’m working on it. I can insert carriage returns into my description ok, but I haven’t found a way to include multiple tags such that they are displayed as separate tags, not just several words in the same tag. It’s slow progress though having to keep editing and re-uploading and the import process doesn’t give you much feedback.

can you provide an example of a line from your CSV file that includes multiple tags?

as far as i can tell, if you use a format similar to the first two examples from the bottom of upload page instructions, you should be able to upload multiple tags just fine. (make sure you’re using the right double-quote character though.):

Here are 3 examples of well-formed data:

`Anna's Hummingbird,2008-03-03 2:54pm,"An aggressive male dive-bombed my head, so I took cover.","Tilden Regional Park, Berkeley, CA, USA",37.8953,-122.249,"attack, danger",obscured
Sharp-tailed Snake,2007-08-20,"Beautiful little creature","Leona Canyon Regional Park, Oakland, CA, USA",37.7454,-122.111,"cute, snakes"
Golden Eagle,,"I'm not really sure when or where this was",,,,"mysterious",private`

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