Merging duplicate places

Merging places should work for community curated locations, but what about places added from external sources? In this case, one place is located within another one (Lima, LP, PE within Lima Province, PE, and Callao, CL, PE within Callao, PE).

I suggest making the mother place the main one, as sometimes I’ve found myself using the second one instead of the main one for some projects, and adding species to the main one doesn’t update the second one, even though the boundaries are exactly the same.

Another question, if I merge one point of interest with a previous one that was made, which one will be the main one? I’ve made one with the correct boundaries and added species to the list, but there’s a previous one with less species and broader boundaries.

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You might want to change the category for this topic from General to Feature Requests.

Hmm I don’t seem to be able to

Will investigate the duplicate Peru places.

This is what the merge tool looks like. You’ll want to start with the place you want to be removed.

Thanks! I later realized that the “Laguna de Villa” is used in a project, so I guess it might be better to keep both.

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Glad you noticed that @diego_amazonia! Was there some kind of system notice when you attempted to merge places, or did you find out some other way?

@tiwane is there system validation in place that deals with places being merged or deleted that are currently in use by projects etc.?

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I didn’t even try merging, I came across the project by mere luck.

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