Subcategories under the Dynamic Life List tree

I often use my Dynamic Life List to check out which branches of the Tree of Life I’ve observed. I noticed that when I use the default “Simplified Tree” view, all the plant and animal taxa are neatly organized by phylum, like this:
Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 7.15.32 PM

But for fungi and Chromista, it doesn’t subdivide—they’re all listed directly under Chromista.

Is there some behind-the-scenes reason why some kingdoms get organized while others don’t? I personally prefer to see my Chromista organized, so I can see the diatoms, ciliates, etc. grouped together. I understand that you can use the “Full Taxonomy” mode, but it seems weird to have this automatic grouping only be inconsistent. (Not to mention that I’m personally kinda lazy lol, and “Full Taxonomy” view can be a bit too cumbersome to navigate.)

Maybe I didn’t observe enough of them, but for me they’re shown exactly as plants:

I believe youre’ in “Full Taxonomy” mode. For “Simplified Tree” mode:

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Unless it’s not a bug I think they did it for convenience because of number of species, there’re classes and families absent in mosses, but present in tracheophyts, because the latter would likely to be more observed and in more need of in-between nodes.

Right, I see… I’d like to see that implemented for Fungi, Chromista phyla as well.

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