Dynamic Life List: add taxonomic sort parameter to species/observation list

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I like to sort through the dynamic Life List with the left taxonomic window opened with all species visible, and the right panel as a taxonomic list. This way I can see the full taxonomy of the species (or genuses) I’ve seen, their relationships with related species, and their overall taxonomy. It’s a nice learning tool.

At the moment I know of parameters that can be passed to the URL like so:

but this defaults to sorting the details panel by observation rather than species. This is a difficult topic to search, but I haven’t seen any params for specifying that sort, and this is a feature request for one if it doesn’t exist.

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What we would ideally like would be to be able to set the UI in some kind of preference to default to sorting by species, since this is my preferred sort. I’d also like a parameter that let one choose between ‘observation’, ‘species’ and ‘unobserved_species’, looking something like so I could have the link for sharing as well as local bookmarks:


Yup, I just wanted to suggest this new “feature”, when I saw your. I vote for it, it would be very valuable.

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