Subscriptions to place and taxon not showing any notifications

Yes we have that project already for some time and it is a great way to see what has already been reported. However the “hey there was a new sighting today” notification is something that is missing for the people working in this domain.

The idea of using subscriptions was to have a way to get a notification once a day with the “new” sightings. In this case it would go to the email of that user account and forwarded to a list of concerned people.
The idea also came up to use a separate account because the list of species to observe is quite big. So the idea was to set up one account with a 100+ subscriptions and not have several people each add all these subscriptions to their personal account.

Basically all recent observation from the Neobiota Luxembourg project should have triggered the notification.

I also just realised that I do not seem to be able to subscribe to every place.
e.g. this one that we use as a very precise polygon of Luxembourg:

I am not able to find it in the search it in the subscribe to place setup …

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It came up when I typed in the first few letters for my own account. Maybe try again?

Oh that’s interesting…

I just logged in to and I was able to find it

Logging in to, not so lucky …

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It might be worth noting that iNat simplifies polygons on upload. The official standard place that iNat has for Luxembourg has 99.9% of the species and 99.7% of the observations contained in the place that you created.

So if you subscribe to a taxon will it notify you about the taxon?

Yes, but if you want notifications of that taxon from a particular place instead of the whole world, you need to subscribe to notifications from the place, adding the taxon name.

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Yes there are some tiny differences between the two polygons, but for a tiny country like is ever meter counts ;-)

Ty this will be helpful for me since I want to know when the Mediterranean geckos arrival will spike

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There are some quirks with place searches in network sites where they are restricted to descendant places of the network site place, which would explain why the place isn’t coming up on


Ok I see, this seems to have “resolved” that issue, I added this specific place as a child of the standard Luxembourg and the search now works. It’s not ideal however
a good thing is that I haven’t experienced this issue with any other feature like projects or searches

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There is actually palace “mediterranian” so you should be able to make a subscription on that region and “Geckos” just don’t choose your subscription to broad to not be flooded with observations.


any idea about why somehow the subscriptions to the place & taxa do not seem to work (original issue here)?

It turns out that place/taxon notifications are configured to send notifications of observations descended from the selected taxon but not at the selected taxon. It has likely been this way for several years, without detection.

I am trying to determine how the planned changes to subscriptions and notifications will impact this kind of notification to determine whether to fix as-is or in the context of the other changes.

In the meantime, if some of the subscriptions would be appropriate to change to genus (I know many aren’t), that would trigger notifications.


thanks @carrieseltzer this is a very useful information, strange that none noticed this …

but now we know that it is currently not working as we understood.

hope to get a feedback on how this is handled in the future



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@paul_luap this should be working now

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Hi, thanks a lot, this is great.
I was already wondering why I was getting more (very specific) notification since a couple of days ago.



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