Suggest inaturalist to add a taxon that is not represented on the site

Hello. I recently learned that in my area, our native Pinus monticola hybridizes with the introduced Pinus strobus, and these hybrid trees have several intermediate traits. But this taxon is not listed on inaturalist, so I was wondering if there’s a way to get a taxon added to the site so we can post observations of it.

the best way to get curators’ or staff attention to this sort of thing is to go to the parent taxon page – in this case, probably the genus Pinus, or perhaps the page for P. monticola – and to flag it for curation. on the web version of iNaturalist, this can be found in the drop-down menu to the right of all the page tabs – see picture:

definitely check the existing flags (“View Flags” in the screenshot), but if none of them are relevant to your question about adding or changing a taxon, go ahead and make a new flag.

I will say though, hybrids are often controversial to diagnose; please be sure to mention in your flag a reliable reference (or several) that discusses the P. monticola × P. strobus hybridisation!


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