Translation of iNat presentation pages (about, help, ...)

Good evening,

I’m a French speaker, and although I can get by in English, that’s not the case for a number of my naturalist friends.
Although iNaturalist’s interface is generally very well translated, this is not the case for the help pages, especially this presentation page:

If I want to convince some of these people to contribute, it would be really good if these pages were translated.

Is there an interface that lets you contribute to this translation? (I’m involved in several application/site translation projects, and modern platforms make it possible to do this quickly and collaboratively).

Thank you if we can find a solution to this need! :smiley:


Just find this :
I’m taking a closer look!

Yes, currently those pages aren’t translateable via Crowdin. I’m working on moving them to a translateable platform, but it’s not fully ready yet. Even then I’m not sure we’d be able to have screenshots in different languages, unfortunately.

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Probably this is the translateable platform Tiwane is talking about.
You can choose French (or Dutch) but it does not help…

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