Is there a list of the available translated help and/or response pages?

I see the network sites mentioned here, but is there a list of available network sites?

[Edit: I just found it at iNaturalist Network · iNaturalist]

Also, do they all follow the same address format for the URL ( [site]/pages/help and [site]/pages/responses )?

It seems to hold true for , and but are there exceptions?

Some refer to not translated pages, eg,

Change the English help to the Spanish ayuda, as in my initial post, and the iNat Columbia help page is fine:

I probably should have clarified that in my initial post, and written it like this:
[site]/pages/[translation of the word help].

Though I did se a different format on the Canadian iNat help page ( ), so that’s why I wondered about exceptions.

If you have selected spanish as language I should not expect that it should refer to the English page, but this is not what you were looking for…

Nope, I’m looking to provide links to observers that will explain things better that my English run through Google Translate will.

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