Agreeing with a disagreeing higher taxon ID doesn't record the disagreement

(This might need to be tested/explained in more detail, but I think that) currently: if the order of IDs is something like…

ID1: Species
ID2: Family (the family that species belongs to) - disagreeing ID
ID3: made by clicking the agree button on ID2

…then if ID2 gets deleted or withdrawn, then ID3 does not count as a disagreeing ID.

My current workaround: Manually add a new ID and select disagree in the pop-up instead of clicking agree.

Expected behavior: Clicking the agree button not only adds a new ID with the same taxon, but also the same disagreeing ID selection.

I know when I am agreeing with an ID, I am generally just looking at the taxon name, and not always noticing the agree/disagree status of that ID.

So at the very least, I think I would want to be asked the same question that the original disagreeing IDer was asked, to confirm whether I want to lodge the same disagreement, or just agree with the family name and not explicitly disagree with the earlier species ID.

Yeah I’d be fine with it doing the disagreement pop-up too

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Didn’t you used to explain previously that the current behavior was expected behavior?

(not sure how to quote this inline)

That topic was saying the CID calculation was incorrect, though it was correct based on the IDs.

This topic could alternatively be a feature request I guess? I went back and forth between where it should be placed. What I meant by expected behavior here is that if I were joining iNat today, I’d expect agreeing with a disagreeing ID would also log the same disagreement.


This is related to an issue that was brought up in another thread where deleting ID1 would also remove the disagreement for ID2 and ID3 in your example.

Not sure if it is truly a bug or a feature request, but it would be nice to not have that counter-intuitive behavior.

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