Suspending/Unsuspending is now Moderator Action and requires an explanation

We just implemented this feature request. Suspending/unsuspending an account is now a “moderator action” (like hiding a comment) and also requires an explanation. If you choose to suspend an account, you’ll see the following screen, where you’re asked to write an explanation before taking action.

Once you suspend the user, it will show up in their Moderation History:

Unsuspending a user works exactly the same way. Currently some of the explanatory text is also only in English, we have to wait for translations to happen and then we’ll need to merge those in.

Because suspending and unsuspending an account is a pretty big deal, we hope this will make these actions transparent to the rest of the curator community.

And I’ll note that suspends/unsuspends will only be tracked this way starting now. Past ones will not show up in the Moderation History page.




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