Swap seasonality graphs on taxon page for the southern hemisphere

Please can the seasonality graphs for the southern hemisphere run from July to June.

Thank you

Are you suggesting this be a setting based on one’s personal account settings? (since many organisms occur in both hemispheres.) Thanks!


Is there any way to associate seasonality graphs with a Place? That seems like the appropriate way to do it–you wouldn’t want a Southern Hemisphere user’s settings to imply that a Northern-only taxon’s seasonality is reversed from the actual values, and vice versa.

Instead for cosmopolitan species it would probably be beneficial to cut out one or another hemispheres, or filter the observations composing the seasonality by place. I suspect that might be a feature request though?

edit: oh, duh, this is a feature request!

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At the top right of each species page you can “Filter by Place”. Perhaps if the centroid of that place is in the southern hemisphere then the graph can be July to June? If it remains as global or a place in the northern hemisphere then January to December is perfect!

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OK for you summer rainfall guys, but in the Med regions of the southern Hemisphere, we would prefer the graphs to be split during the hot dry summers when nothing happens: as they are now is perfect.


Ah yes, I went there once for a AETFAT conference, but nothing really of too much interest occurs in the Med regions…

Perhaps users could each select their own start months and this could be sticky?

But I would not make this feature request very high on the priority list.

Not tropical … mediterranean

We’ve decided to not move forward with this request so I’m closing it.

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*yes to or *not to ??