Filtering seasonality graphs by place

I’ve been thinking about this for a while. The seasonality and phenology charts appear to just aggregate all observations of a species wherever they’re found. Therefore it makes it difficult to ascertain hemispheric differences in phenology in cosmopolitan species. It’d be nice to have the ability to optionally view these graphs by hemisphere.


You can already use a place filter on taxon pages. Here is Serpentes observations restricted to southern Africa:

vs North America:

Not hemispherical, but it works. Just remember that this place filter is sticky for all taxon pages, so it will be applied to every taxon page you look at until you clear or change it.


Are there “Places” for Southern and/or Northern Hemisphere? Would there be enough justification for adding them? Can the same thing be accomplished with a bounding rectangle to cover the southern hemisphere etc.?

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No, there aren’t places for hemispheres, they would be pretty enormous and likely grind the site to a halt.

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