Moving observations between accounts


I am planning to split my observations between two different accounts: one of them dedicated to my marine observations and the other one for everything else.
I thought about deleting the observations and re-uploading them in the other account, but the main problem is that I will lose all the precious comments and corrections given by experts.

So my question is: is it possible to ‘move’ the observations from an account to another without having to manually delete and re-upload them?

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In a simple answer, No.

The site does not currently support any tools for sharing or moving of observations between accounts. I dont know if you could sweet talk the site into helping you via their access to the backend database, but there is nothing available for you to use.


Could you explain more about why you want two accounts? Maybe there are already tools available that would help you do what you want while still maintaining a single account (e.g. projects, tags, etc.).


Could you set up two personal projects {your_name_marine} and {your_name_non-marine}? Make yourself the only contributor. Then in marine include the marine taxa and in non-marine use the “Exclusion Filters” to exclude marine.

The user has over 1,200 species documented. It would be both time consuming to enter this and potentially hit limits as to how many entries may be in a project filter list.

Perhaps include/exclude could be done at the family, order or class levels and reduce the number of entries.

Have a look at these projects. I played around, and some have a few hundred species listed in the filter, as well as exclusions.

You could use places to filter and select large numbers of observations at once and batch add them to traditional projects, but it would still be tedious to keep up with it (although keeping/separating two accounts would be just as much I think).

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