Tag observations with behaviour/phenomena

Ok, this a is a pretty vague and unfleshed-out idea but… I think it would be cool to be able to tag observations with specific behaviours that can be seen across different species. For example being able to tag an ob displaying ‘cauliflory’, or ‘moulting’ or ‘melanistic’. You could then click on a tag to see all the trees observations that have been tagged as ‘cauliflory’.

I am trying to describe this without saying hashtag but…ya…kind of like a hashtag. I think rather than a free-for-all, maybe have a master list of behaviours that can be used? If you want to note a behaviour that isn’t on the list, you could submit it to be added (with mod approval).
I am not sure if this would involve other people being able to disagree with tags, or add tags to other users observations, but I am imagining any community review to be much more relaxed than with ID-ing.

Honestly, I am not sure if this has any real usefulness other than ‘blaserk thinks it would be cool’ and the coding would probably be high-effort-for-low-payoff. But as a layperson who uses this site for education, this would engage me.

you can use fields and values in the same way. To see an example of what I mean see this post:


As kiwifergus said, Fields are great for this. Anyone can add them to any observation, or use them to find other obs with the same Field, (eg Behaviour) or Field and Value (eg Behaviour: Feeding.

There are a lot of Fields already created by users as needed. Anyone can use any of the Fields, or make new ones.It certainly helps make them easier to find if they are not unnecesarily duplicated, but people often find that those already created do not quite work for them perhaps because the Values created with that field don’t suit their need.

You can search the Fields to see if anything already existing fits what you want

I was going to add the link for Observation Fields but the on eI use is in the New Zealand portal - you probably want to look in the Global portal, or whatever portal you use.

Tags are also available, you make your own and can find those observations with that tag, but you can’t search for the tags themselves to attach one, so you need to make a note of what tags you are using if, like me, you forget exactly what tag and spelling you used for that thing last time:).


Closing this as tags and observation fields are available for this kind of use.

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