Tags: word search or descriptive "Tags"

Do you bother entering word search or descriptive “tags”?
Is it helpful to anyone if we do put effort and time into thinking of and entering them?

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I think most people use them for personal purposes rather than searching others’.


I use tags mostly to indicate which of my fungi observations are lichen, since I can do no better than Ascomycota for most of mine. I have searched for other lichen obs using that tag and a few other people in my area do the same thing, but not enough to make it a good general purpose way of searching for coarsely identified lichen. And considering all of my ascomycota obs are lichen anyway, there isn’t a reason to search my own obs with it.


I think tags would be useful when searching for color forms or pattern forms of a species instead of searching all photos to find a match. I think also it would help with juvenile, adult, male and female searches as some species look completely different at different stages.

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