Advanced use of Tags

I have been finding the Tag feature increasingly helpful. All of my hundreds of thousands of digital images taken over a period of 25 years are archived by means of a unique code (which I use as the filename). I’ve started putting this image code in the Tags of my observations. That makes it really straightforward: if I want to check the ID of a species in one of my photos, I can simply search for the filename; conversely, if I need to find the original image file corresponding to an observation, the filename(s) are right there. Really useful!

I haven’t been able to locate any documentation about Tag functionality. Is there any such information? There’s a few things that I am wondering if it is possible to do:

Firstly, is there a straightforward way (other than downloading all my data as a spreadsheet) to search for all of my observations that don’t yet have any Tags?

Secondly, is there any straightforward way to search a partial match on Tags? All my image codes start with a prefix denoting which camera I used. It would be neat if I could limit a search for all observations that have a Tag starting with “S”, for instance – effectively allowing me to filter my observations by camera (which would be useful as I have different types of cameras; camera “T” is an automatic camera trap for example, while “S” is a DSLR and “E” is a smartphone).

Thirdly, it seems that all my Tags are visible to everyone. But these Tags are for “internal use only”, as it were, i.e. they are meaningful to myself only. It seems a lot of people use Tags in such a way, so is there a way to turn off public visibility of one’s Tags?

A lot of my tags came in from Flickr and I remember that site let’s you search for your images without tags. I’m not sure about iNaturalist. You can search for observations without annotations (using the identify interface), but that’s not the same.

Searching for partial matches seems to work if the search query has at least four letters.

I don’t think there’s a way to turn of visibility for tags. It would be nice to have that for sensitive information (e.g. I like to add the name of the hiking trail so I can search for it, but that conflicts with obscuring locations for endangered species).


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