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i can only speak as a visitor to Taiwan. in general, i think, the Level 1 and Level 2 distinctions are technically correct, but i think most people nowadays think of Taiwan as being divided according to what’s described in Level 2. (the counties from Level 2 that fall within Level 1’s Fujian and Taiwan provinces functionally report directly up to the national government, as i understand it. so i don’t think the provinces technically administer anything. if a province doesn’t administer anything, is it actually an administrative unit?)

also, “Yulin” county on the central western side of the main island should probably be “Yunlin” (see https://www.yunlin.gov.tw/english/index.asp), and “Lienkiang” county (the tiny islands to the northwest of the main island, near the mainland Chinese coast) should probably be “Lienchiang” (see http://www.matsu.gov.tw/Enhtml/Index).