Taxa language in Chinese with no English


Browser Chrome

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1: When I input a scientific name it translates into Chinese, this is a problem as I do not read Chinese

Step 2: How to stop this from happening?

Step 3:

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Hi @pahk, welcome to the forum.

Could you please provide the link to the page for that insect (or the scientific name), a curator will then be able to look into the issue in more detail.

It happens for all pages. Maybe it is the default as I live in Hong Kong. No matter what I have input, the taxa box always shows Chinese only.

Here is an example
I typed Coleoptera

Is the default language in your account settings chosen as English (or whatever other non-Chinese language you want)?

Default language is English. But I changed the display name from “Common” to “Scientific”.
That works, now it shows the Latin name.
Great, thank you very much

i think what matters is the preferred place setup in account settings:

setting the preferred place to Hong Kong gives you Chinese taxon names in many cases:

for now, if you don’t want to see Chinese taxon names, i would just remove the preferred place.

in the long term, i think this feature request comes into play:


The issue is caused by users who have been adding traditional chinese names and also added Hong Kong, Macoa and Taiwan as places. This then overrules the user selected language.

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That is OK as most users in Hong Kong are Chinese speakers. Changed the display name from “Common” to “Scientific”, will work for most.
Anyway problem solved. Thanks agaim


I’ve had what may be the same or a related issue, and I’m unsure if it would also be solved by the solution here.

I don’t live in Asia, although sometimes ID there via Identify or Explore filtered location searches. Anyway, I don’t remember if the issue occurred when I was even IDing in Asia, or another continent. I also ID mostly in the US and Oceania.

The issue was the About section of some taxa pages were in what I then-thought were Japanese characters (unsure now, after reading this). If I then tried to right click the page and use Google Translate to English, that wouldn’t work either, because it would change the scientific/taxon name to some incorrect, very unrelated word. So, the issue also wasn’t originally caused by using Google Translate. I also wasn’t adding/changing any taxa names at the time. It happened about 5 times over a few months.

Just wondering if this is related. If it’s not, just ask and I’ll create a separate bug report.

An additional complication is I think a curator (responding to a taxon flag) believed some of the Wiki pages displayed on iNat taxa page-About sections were originally (permanently) in another language all along (external to iNat). I don’t know whether or not that’s true though.