Taxa pages are blank if google maps is blocked

platform: web

browser: any

steps to reproduce:

  1. prevent from loading. (with a browser addon like uBlock, for example)

  2. go to any taxa page.

  3. you should see a progress animation, followed by a blank page except for the inat search bar and menu.

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are you blocking on purpose, or do you live in a place where it’s blocked for everyone? since Google provides much of the mapping functionality in the site, it seems like you wouldn’t be able to do much in if you block Google. it shouldn’t be just the Taxon page that has issues either. it should be the Explore page, the observation detail page, etc…

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yes, it affects the explore and observation pages as well. i first noticed because of the privacy redirect addon, and then tried blocking google maps intentionally.

ok, but since you’re blocking Google, were you attempting to use the iNat site without any mapping functionality available?

yes. i expected at least some parts of the site to still work. i was just trying to look at the activity graph + embedded wikipedia summary, haha.

I wonder if it’s that the map in one of the the taxa page sections is considered part of one “single” taxa page.

We’re gonna to make these pages work better if is blocked.

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We just released a fix that should allow the rest of the page to load. How is it looking on your end?

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the message saying Google has been blocked is slightly covered up in the Explore page, but it and other pages with a map seem to work for me. thanks for addressing this.





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