Taxa that don't belong to an iconic taxon inherit their iconic taxon from previous taxa listed when searching for taxa to add to a list

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Step 1:
View a list
Step 2:
Click/tap on the taxon search bar
Step 3:
Search for “severe”. 3 virus taxa will show up, but the first 2 will appear as birds and the last one as a mollusc.

Made a github issue here:

But as it doesn’t affect functionality and is in a niche part of the site, it’s low priority for fixing.

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Bacillus is a better example. The insect genus displays first, then 2 insect species. Then the bacterium genus, but it is orange and has an insect icon. It is confusing.

And then there are more Bacillus species of both hemihomonyms, and you can’t tell the difference.

this also happens when grafting a taxon or creating a taxon change—anywhere an interface that looks like that shows up

this is what it looks like when you search bacillus (in a taxon change, but it looks pretty much the same when editing the ancestry of a taxon, except that taxon IDs and inactive taxa aren’t displayed):

Bacillus 245607, Bacillus subtilis 245605, Bacillus cereus 950431, Bacillus megaterium 450830, and foulbrood (Paenibacillus larvae 410655) are bacteria, and the rest are stick insects, but since bacteria don’t have their own icon and all the bacteria in the list follow insects, they get the insect icon and color

if the first results in the list don’t belong to an iconic taxon, they display as such—it’s only those following an iconic taxon that are affected. here’s what happens when you search coronavirus:

all of these are viruses except Potamophylax coronavirus 1234489, which is a caddisfly; the viruses before the caddisfly display correctly as no iconic taxon, but after the caddisfly they inherit the insect icon and color

This should be fixed now:

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