Maverick error in correctly grafted taxon

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So, I enter an identification after a private request of the user who posted the photograph, as she cannot find the species, which I found as well, and then a Maverick alert appeared, followed by an automatic Flag which I did not created.
→ flag
but I revised the taxon and is in order.

Not sure about what is happening here.

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Now, I went back to the taxon page and it is grafted directly to Life …

Did you use the external name providers? The genus is locked, so no species can be automatically imported. Instead, they remain ungrafted and are automatically flagged for curation. It looks like you imported the name, it didn’t graft (and was automatically flagged), and either you or another curator manually grafted it. I’m not seeing any issues.

The maverick designation happens when an ungrafted taxon is suggested as an ID, because it is naturally not part of the community ID. But since it is now properly grafted that is no longer an issue.