Taxa without a common name now show in parentheses in the Explore search bar dropdown

Is this an intentional change? Any taxon at any rank has their name appear in parentheses now if it doesn’t have a common name. However, it only seems to happen for the Explore species search bar, so perhaps it’s a bug.


I’ve experienced this too starting yesterday.

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And related, the scientific name will sometimes disappear from the search bar. It should read ‘coccinella’. Maybe it has something to do with how common names are prioritised over scientific ones?

Screenshot 2024-06-26 12.17.00 PM

I’m on Chrome by the way.

It’s also happening on taxa pages
and the identity pages.
I’m also using Chrome.

This should be fixed now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention

Any rank without a common name still lacks a scientific name after the rank. For example, here is Elanoides, which just says Genus:
While Ospreys says Genus Pandion:

It has always been that way. Since Elanoides is a genus, it would be redundant to repeat the genus after stating its name.

Think of the format as having an invisible “is”:
Elanoides (is a) Genus”
“Ospreys (are) Genus Pandion

This never seemed like a problem to me.

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