Wrong taxon name order in swaps, splits, etc

Has something changed regarding the input taxon name in taxon swaps/splits etc? When drafting a swap I’m sure it used to show the scientific name under the Input Taxon section but now it’s showing common names which I found quite confusing because the common name for the taxon I was drafting a swap for is the same as the genus name. Is there a way to make it display scientific names again?

Edit: I’ve double checked my account settings and Display is still set to “Scientific name (Common Name)” so nothing seems to have changed there…

I think I’ve noticed this for a while. It might be intermittent or I might not do enough changes with taxa having common names to notice it regularly.

Thanks for the confirmation, Thomas. I only noticed it yesterday but I’m not sure when it may have started happening… I’m pretty sure I would have noticed something like this but who knows.

I’ve just checked github and there is no open issue for this.

Since this is now in bug reports I’ll fill out the template

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website

Browser: Probably N/A, but Firefox 96.0.1

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: Any New Taxonomic Change (Draft) page

Description of problem

  1. Open a taxon page
  2. Curation/Edit Taxon
  3. Click Taxon Swap
  4. Choose split, merge or swap
  5. In the input taxon section the taxon name is showing the common name (expected behaviour is for the scientific name to be shown). Note: the output taxon shows the scientific name as expected

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