"commit for user" page is misleading

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome

URLs: all “commit for user” pages, e.g.: https://www.inaturalist.org/taxon_changes/125676/commit_for_user
(which display differently for different users)

Screenshots of what you are seeing and description of problem:

The “commit for user” page for a recent taxon change indicates that I have no observations of the old taxon. However, I actually have several, which I can find if I use a search URL that specifies the old taxon’s ID:


(I’m leaving these ID’d as the old taxon for the purposes of this bug report.)


None of those observations are at the subspecies level though. So if you’re searching for observations there would be 0.

Hm, I haven’t opted out of taxon changes so haven’t used this page. If you temporarily reactivate V. p. pubescens (have to move it under the new sensu stricto V. pubescens too), do your observations show up then?

But they were, before the taxon change, and the observer’s own ID is still that of the subspecies. So it seems the issue is that this interface isn’t very helpful in finding inactive IDs that need to be reviewed.


I would argue the problem is that you don’t really need/want to be looking for observations of the input taxon, you want to be looking for identifications of the input taxon. So maybe the category called “Identifications for others” could just be made into “Identifications” and then IDs on your own observations would be included.


yes, that would be an improvement. Should I ask this as a feature request instead?

Seems reasonable to me.