Taxon erroneously marked as endemic

The subgenus Promus of the genus Eleodes has been marked as endemic to Mexico, which is incorrect, it is found in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico. Since it is a subgenus I can’t find a way to fix this and I would like any sort of assistance in doing so.

  1. go to the Mexico page:

  2. click View Check List Page bottom left

  3. On the side panel, search for subgenus Promus in the ‘type taxon name’ bar and select the option from the dropdown that appears

  4. On the page you get taken to, go to the ‘Rank’ submenu on right panel, and select ‘any’ instead of ‘species’, and click Filter

  5. The subgenus will appear as an option, click Edit.

  6. Amend the establishment means to Native instead of Endemic

I’ve done this one for you. If you encounter more like this in future, please flag the taxon directly on iNat


Thanks! I never noticed that rank thing, and yes, I think I forgot about flagging a taxon.

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