Correcting Endemic species annotation?

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Can someone point me to the right place to correct an erroneous endemic species annotation?
E.g., this page lists Ignelater luminosus as endemic to Puerto Rico:

With the criteria:
“Endemic in Puerto Rico: native and occurs nowhere else”

Which is not the case. I’ve been updating the Atlas page for I. luminosus sporadically. Can see it is spread throughout the Caribbean, not just Puerto Rico alone.

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There may be an easier way to do this, but I go to the page for the place, Puerto Rico: search for the taxon, click on it, and in the pop-up window, click “View taxon page for this place”, which takes me to That allows editing of the “Establishment Means”, currently set to endemic.


You can reach this same spot through the Taxon Pages too. In this case, go to Ignelater luminosus → click on the “Status” tab → scroll down to “Establishment Means” → click “view” under “Details” for the Puerto Rico entry.

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