Allow taxon framework relationships to "stick" on newly created but inactive taxa

Platform(s): website

URLs: (fixed) (fixed) (left TFR broken) (left TFR broken) (fixed) (left broken) (left broken) (fixed)

Description of need:
When creating a new taxon as output for a taxon change, it is convenient if the curator can add the corresponding taxon framework relationship (TFR) at the same time. The current system allows such TFRs to be created and saved, even if the new output taxon is initially “inactive.” The new Relationship:Match status immediately displays in the taxon change detail. But if the the output taxon is left inactive for a few days before committing the taxon change, the match status has disappeared and Relationship:Unknown is displayed in the taxon change detail, requiring double work to re-create the needed TFR.*

Feature request details:
Allow TFRs to persist on newly-created inactive taxa. Or, if this creates other problems, don’t allow TFRs to be created and saved on inactive taxa.

@loarie this one is for you I think. Not sure if this should be a bug report instead, but I’ve experienced this behavior for a couple of years at least, so it seems more like a feature.

The initially-created TFRs still exist and can be searched from the TFR page, but the internal (inactive) taxon gets dropped sometime after the TFR is initially saved.

In the above-linked taxon changes and TFRs, I left 2 of them broken, and fixed the other 2, in case that helps. All 4 of the TFRs were “un-broken” when initially created and saved.

Update: sometime after these changes were committed, everything seemed to resolve, so my examples of broken TFRs are no longer broken. Nonetheless, I think the behavior prior to committing changes needs to be more transparent, so curators know what to expect when they create TFRs for initially-inactive taxa.