Rapa Nui region broken

The region does not align with the island. Looks like there was in issue with the datum.



Rather than creating more bug reports i’ll just add another to this one since it’s a similar issue. Mods feel free to split if necessary.

There are two duplicated regions for Guam

standard places in iNaturalist exist at “country”, “state”, and “county” equivalent levels. the first one is a “state” equivalent administrative region. the second one is the a “country” equivalent administrative region. doesn’t seem like there’s a problem here.

this isn’t really a bug. the place here appears to be community created, and there’s no guarantee of quality for community-created places. i can’t tell who created it, and it doesn’t look like it’s been used in any projects. if you have the boundaries for the place in a KML file (or something that could be translated to KML), you could provide them to a curator, who could then update the place boundaries.

that said, a standard place for this island does exist: Isla de Pascua (which also includes some of the surrounding waters). if you need to filter for observations on that island, you could use that standard place.


Fair enough. I didn’t realize curators could modify places and thought staff had to do it which was why I posted here. Is there a tutorial for how to delete/replace a place? I can do it in this case.

if you have permission to edit the place, you should be able to go to the edit page (https://www.inaturalist.org/places/68614/edit). from there, look for the link to “replace boundary with KML”, and then use that to upload the proper KML file. (i’m assuming that you already have a proper file.) there’s also a delete button on the edit page. i’m not sure if curators have to check anything before they delete places.

Fixed it. Mahalo

Should I merge the two Guams? What benefit is there to having two entirely identical regions?

you can’t change standard places, even as a curator.

the point of having two places with the same boundaries is that they exist at different administrative levels. so if you’re looking for a set of countries, you’ll be able to find Guam, or if you’re looking for a set of states, then you’ll still be able to find Guam.