Text in Description/Tags section reads right to left (when it should be left to right) on Identify

Hi there,
When I am on “Your Observations” and press “Filter” a new window shows up and I can search in the category “Description/Tags” for animals or plants and so on. But sometimes typing in that box the spelling is backwards, see screenshots. E.G. I typed “western sandpiper” and in the box shows up : repipdnas nretsew" or typing “milkweed” is spelled “deewklim” . It doesn’t happen all the time, but the chance is probably 1 in 10. Any idea how or why this is happening?
I have an iMAC, Apple M1, my OS is Sonoma 14.1.2 and my webbrowser is Safari 17.1.2
Thank you for your help

they made some updates recently related to right-to-left language support. maybe you’re triggering things to go right to left somehow? do you know how to consistently trigger this behavior?


no I haven’t found any consistency, most of time the spelling is without problems but sometimes I have this reverse spelling

Does it then carry out the search correctly, or come back with no results because there are no repipdnas nretsew or deewklim observations?

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it shows “no result” as there is no deewklim.

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Does it happen in any other browser?

I am using to 99% Safari, so I haven’t tried an other browser

The next time this happens, can you please open the browser’s console and take a screenshot of it?

Here are instructions for opening the console: https://appuals.com/open-browser-console/

thank you,I will do that

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This is a description of a similar-sounding chrome bug. Does it match what you’re experiencing? Are you selecting text at all?

Yes, it looks like that it is a Safari problem like your text suggests. I installed Firefox and so far the same problem has not shown up.