Backspace Key in Upload Page Can Cause Browser to Move Back


So I’m working on identifying cards in the upload window, and decide to erase the species name in the taxon field, keep the genus, and let the system bring up other species. I put the cursor at the end of the taxon, hold the backspace key, but instead of stopping at the left side of the box, it erases everything in the box and then goes back to the previous page (usual behavior but not in a field box). When I get into the upload page again everything I’ve just worked on is gone.

Somewhat annoying. Is this a setting I need to change in Firefox, or is this a feature of the upload page?



i believe this is a browser issue rather than a website issue. Chrome used to do it and it was awful, i guess firefox still does. There’s some discussion about it here but i don’t understand it:



@notyouraveragecatlady which version of Firefox are you using, and are you using it on a Windows or Mac computer?



Hi Tony,

It’s 65.0.2 (64-bit), on a Windows 10 laptop




OK, I was able to replicate with FF 65.0.1 on my Mac. If you keep on pressing backspace/delete, you will bring up the warning modal:

And if you press delete again, the browser still takes you back to the last page. We’ll look into this, but I’m not sure it’s something we can fix on our end, it might be a browser thing. This doesn’t happen in Safari or Chrome, but FF has some other weird behaviors that we can’t fix (eg try to select text in the Observation card on the uploader).



Thanks. Yes, and unfortunately when the backspace key is pressed down it just flies right by this warning box :-) I’ll look in Settings in FF to see if there is anything that can be changed. Thanks for looking into it.

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I was an engineer on Safari for a long time. That shortcut of the Backspace/Delete key being mapped to the browser’s concept of “Back one page” had already been around for a long time when we started Safari in 2001. I hated it as a confusing (but occasionally handy for experts) UI pun and eventually succeeded in getting it removed from Safari. I’m sorry to hear that it still persists in some browsers.