Text is cut off on observation detail quality grade section

Platform: iOS

App version number: 3.1.1., version 626, iOS 14.4.2.


Screenshots: https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/):

Description of problem: As described in Crowdin (btw, the translation I provided in Crowdin is a good fix for the FR version).

Similar problem here. I’m posting the screenshot in order to be able to link to it on Crowdin.

Good catch @bbernrd

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On my iPhone 11 Pro this entire text appears, and I think it’s the exact same text. Which device are you using?

Made an issue here: https://github.com/inaturalist/SeekReactNative/issues/326

Glad to hear that! iPhone X 14.4.2, way too old to use for test purposes.

I don’t think so, that’s still a fine phone and plenty of people are using ones that age or older. Have you turned on zoom or increased the phone’s text size at all? The text looks large in your first screenshot.

Nothing was on in the accessibility settings, but the issue disappeared after I reinitialized the phone. Sorry about that!


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