Unlocalized strings in the iOS mobile app

Although translated to Bulgarian at crowdin (several updates ago), the iOS mobile app still has lots of crucial text left untranslated in English: observe, camera, camera roll, more, edit, back, cancel, done, (for coordinates) lat, long, acc., <number-of-days>d, <number-of-months>mo, <number-of-years>y
The taxon ranks in the Suggest ID dialog: family, subfamily, etc.
In the Leaderboard: observations, species

Most of the strings do not exist in crowdin; some do - and are translated - but are apparently not used at least in some places.


Thanks for the heads up, @exonie. Will look at this tomorrow and get any missing strings up into crowdin.



Hi @exonie

I’ve uploaded a bunch of these to crowdin, but I’m not sure where exactly you’re seeing the untranslated text for the following: “More”, “Edit”, “Back”, “Cancel”, and “Done.”

For example, every instance of “Cancel” that I see in our own code is localized correctly, and we’re not even using the text “More” as far as I can tell, although it’s possible that either a default system button or a 3rd party library isn’t localized correctly.

Anyways, can you provide a little more context for these missing five missing strings that I listed above? Screenshots would be super helpful.


More” - at the start screen, lower-right:

Edit” - when opening one of my observations:

Cancel”, “Done” - after I click “edit”:

Back” - when I open an observation from the Explore page:

My device is iPhone 5s, iOS ver. 12.5.1

Thanks, these screenshots are very helpful. Unfortunately, these are all iOS standard buttons - we ask for a button of type Edit and iOS handles the translation for us. In the case of the “More” button, we don’t even ask for a button there, we just tell iOS to display 6 tabs and because iPhones can only show 5 tabs at a time, iOS automatically adds the More button.

What happens when you go to a standard iOS app like Mail or Clock, do you see buttons titled “Edit” in English or are they in Bulgarian? I see an Edit button in the top left of the World Clock tab of the Clock app, and an Edit button in the top right of the Mail app when I’m at the Mailboxes screen.

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I see, my iOS is in English, no Bulgarian translation is available. I checked some other apps and I see some of the same buttons there in English.

Thanks for the explanation and for adding the other strings.

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You may wish to open a “RADAR” - a bug report / suggestion with Apple. That way Apple at least knows that you want it. :)

I think you should be able to do this by going to https://feedbackassistant.apple.com, clicking the new icon in the top left, choosing iOS, then filling out the form. There’s a category for “Translation / Localization” and you could fill in Bulgarian / Bulgaria as your language and region, and just mention that you would like to see UIBarButtonSystemItems translated into Bulgarian.

If you have any trouble filing an RADR or would prefer not to do so yourself, I’d be happy to do so on your behalf.


Thanks a lot for the suggestion! I posted a feedback, hopefully I did it right: