Thanks for the forum

I always wondered why there wasn’t a feedback/discussion page as part of the site, rather than having to log in to something else, with a different usercode, to give feedback etc.

Love the new forum, thanks team for getting this up and running :-)

The downside is now I’ll bother giving lots more feedback ;-)



I’d like to 2nd Tony’s vote of thanks above. A forum like this seems like an obvious and tidy way to manage discussions rather than the cumbersome (and voluminous) torrent of group emails I’ve waded through in the past. Onwards and upwards!


Woo hoo!! Forum!! What a great idea, I didn’t realise this was happening!

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I think it’s great too!

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Very happy to see this forum! Thanks

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Love the Forum! How about adding a link to the Forum on the dropdown under “Community” on the home page?


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