The dumbest myths you heard about animals

I saw my first nightjar last year though could be wrong on ID.

But I was quite confused initially because I didnt know about them, so when I saw it on the ground initially I wondered if it was hurt. They seem pretty unique, so could see some mythos developing around them.

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Well, if you want to get technical about it, the earliest forms of what we would would recognize as birds were around at the same time as the big therapods. They had a common ancestor, which is why the terms avian and non-avian dinosaur are gaining traction. /pedantic

(No, the Doctor and I aren’t armchair palentologists; whyever would you think that?) :grin:

My current favorite dumb animal myth is that feathered dinosaurs aren’t scary. Says nobody who has ever been chased by an angry mama goose. (Or worse, a broody Sandhill Crane, as one of my best friends can vouch.)

P.S.: if the NYNHM is hiding dragons, who do I have to sweet talk to adopt a Night Fury?


Don’t apologize for being knowledgable!

My “understanding” of the giant/dragon thing is that it’s not a Jewish people are hiding living dinosaurs in area 51 situation and more a they died/hunted to extinction? and AMNH is hiding the evidence for reasons?

I sincerely believe that if Dungeons and Dragons was a little more popular with the older generation we wouldn’t have nearly as many conspiracy theories


When I was young, the older generation had conspiracy theories about that, too!