The ''experiment'' message from admin

I just received a message (copy-pasted on below) from the admin asking me to help with an experiment.

I would be very happy to cooperate with it, however the link to the ‘‘subset of observations’’ they asked me to identify includes only one observation- and that is what I have already added an ID long time ago.

Should I just ignore this message, since it seems like there’s nothing I can do?

–(↓ is a part of the message I received) --------------------------

Dear Saryu Mae,

Will you help us with an experiment (version 0.2) to estimate the accuracy of iNaturalist observations?

1. Identify all observations in the link below as finely as you can, even if they are Research Grade, and even if your finest ID is at a higher taxonomic level (even kingdom).
2. If you see the “Potential Disagreement” popup…

    • and you are confident it’s mis-ID’d click the orange button,*
    • or if you’re uncertain beyond your ID, click the green button*
      3. Do this by February 29, 2024

Here is the subset of 1 observations that we think you can identify based on your activity on iNat. Please add the finest ID you can to each of the observations by February 29, 2024.

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If you’ve already IDed it, and you’re happy the ID is still correct, then you don’t need to do anything extra


Yes, the ID is certainly correct. Thanks Thomas!

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