One day out of Inat

i started taking observations out of “unknown” category and putting on ranks that i know of (insecta, flowering plants etc) now everyday is like this lol, it’s a lot but i love the feeling, anyone else can relate?
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Oh, yes. Oh, very much YES. Last week there were a couple days when I was having internet issues, but once I could re-connect, I came back to over 500 notifications. You have my sympathy! And my thanks - I think pulling observations out of Unknowns is very helpful in getting new observers into the habit of using iNaturalist.


I usually take one day off of iNat a week. When I get back, there are many notifications. The most extreme example was around 1000 notifications! Most were unimportant, but I make sure to scan over them to find anything interesting, usually comments and mentions.


just FYI: In the settings you can turn off getting notifications for identifications agreeing with yours, that can help to minimize the amount of notifications.


Thanks for the tip, would that remove all notifications from IDs or just agreeing ones?

I do the same… tags and mentions… I will open all those notifications in a new tap and then work through them

I once tried turning agreeing notifications off, but it turned me crazy and I turned them back on. Seeing many notifications from IDer XY I do know what taxon they went through and I will sometimes check back for when they are still not RG, why that ist


Yeah, that’s similar to my workflow. I also like to go back and make corrections. I’m finding that sometimes I only glance at an ID before agreeing, only for it to be wrong! The notification helps me find my way back and update my ID. It’s happened 3 times this week so far.


I was recently introduced to a tool created by @pisum that makes working through notifications sooooooooo much easier. I used to open tabs for each one but sometimes if there were too many, that wouldn’t work because the page would refresh. I’m talking like 1k notifications sometimes. It’s a pain in the gourd to try to work it out but this tool makes it incredibly easy.


What is “restricted data”?

Just the agreeing ones (both when people agree with your IDs on your own abservation as well as when people agree with you on IDs you made on other peoples observations)


I wish there were a settings option to turn off map overlays that didn’t require clicking that option each time in every observation. I can’t see the map in most observations anymore.

Just the ones that agree with your identification. You are still notified for identifications that correct (wrong taxon) or refine (lower taxon) yours.

I had to do this for my own observations. I have learned so much, and continue to learn every day, from others’ identifications of my observations. Some days, though, I would get over a hundred notifications, nearly all of which confirmed, but did not improve, my own identifications. I wasn’t learning from them. When I started resenting them (the notifications! *Not the Identifiers!) I turned them off.

My iNat notifications are right where I need them at this time. I’m still getting notified for all kinds of things, just not confirming IDs.

Notifications are a great feature of iNaturalist! But where I’m not getting some value from them, I need to turn them off so I don’t get annoyed by them, or miss other notifications that mean more to me.


I’d ask @pisum for a comprehensive explanation but my assumption is that it’s just any data you need to generate the notification list.

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Sorry, could I ask you what you mean with map overlays?

Yes, indeed - iNatting can go from a hobby to a lifestyle. But is that a bad thing? I don’t think it’s the worst of addictions at all.

Sometimes I go many days without visiting the site, and then carefully looking at the notifications may take a lot of time. And I do fear not paying attention to some issue from other users. So I’m not quite sure how well this trick works:

If another user confirmed my identification, but also asked me some question important to them (in a comment on their identification) - will I see it with this setting? It’s really important for me.


Whether I get notifications from comments attached to IDs or not is inconsistent for me. And sometimes I get double or triple notifications if there is an ID, comment, and tagging my username.

Also, thank you Konstantin for helping with many difficult insect IDs


Anyone understand the time sequence in our notifications?
I always clear back to midnight.

Keep scrolling down. And I find even more from ‘today’. Makes it challenging to look at all my notifications.

If they tag you, you will still get a notification (even if it is on an agreeing ID). I am not sure about just a comment inside/attached to an ID that doesn’t include a tag.

If someone wants to test, they can add a test agreeing ID to one of my observations with a comment that doesn’t tag me, and we’ll see if I get a notification (since I have notifications for agreeing IDs turned off):


As far as I know, when you have 38 notifications, for exemple, and you click the notification icon, Inat shows all of those 38 notifications, when you close it, new notifications will apper from other uses and the cicle repeats itself

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Definetely, you have my sympathy too"