The Giraffe havoc

A few days ago a split has been committed which separates giraffes into four species. I have personally no taxonomic opinion on this - the boundary between species and subspecies is a fuzzy one anyway. However the result of the split is less then optimal: while observations that have been IDed to subspecies were automatically moved to the respective new species, observations that were “only” at species level stayed as G. camelopardalis - which means that we now have hundreds of observations of this species way out of its range (many are thousands of kilometers away). I thought iNat allowed automated assignment of observations after a split by location? Moreover, the G. camelopardalis page still shows a range map that corresponds to the range of all giraffes (so to the pre-split taxon) leading to further confusion.

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For convos about how specific taxa are treated on iNat, the best place to discuss is the flagging system - there’s an open discussion here:


see active discussion at