The ID I made on my observation updated itself

Is there a bug where your identification changes automatically (excluding those caused by taxa changes)?
Below are two recent instances where my identifications changed without my approval. I’ve only noticed these since I got updates from my dashboard regarding comments/IDs made on the observations.

Weird, we’ll look into it. Any other examples?

Not that I’ve found, but I’m keeping an eye out.

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Without knowing any context, your first example might be attributable to an accidental hit on an “Agree” button (I’ve been known to do this occasionally) while looking at the observation. But the second one wouldn’t fit that explanation. If it were me, I might just be paranoid enough to change my account password. But there would probably be other indications if an account had been compromised…

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Yeah, I changed my password as a precaution. I thought about accidentally hitting the agree button in hindsight, but I had no reason nor do I recall going back to these observations to change their ID.


After a preliminary look into this, we think it’s likely a bug on our end. If any can come up with conditions by which we can reproduce this, that would be helpful. It might affect only those users who aren’t accepting Community ID.