Confusing ID situation

Website - Chrome

I made a comment on an observation, and then immediately went to the prev/next navigation buttons at top right and went to the previous observation. The observation did not seem to change, but the display ID at top of page did… P. pickeringii being the ID on the previous observation. Notice the CID panel has recalculated and is showing both IDs (and there are only 2) as being maverick!

I refreshed the page, and all now looks fine. I have not been able to replicate this, so I think it is just a timing thing…

this observation:
and the previous that it seemed to borrow the display ID off:

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This has has happened to me before too, but by clicking one of the obs in “more from username” at the bottom.

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This happens to me very often, mostly with the app on my phone. It will change the ID but leave the pics and comments. I have to go back and click on the observation again for the pics to match ID. Hope it can be fixed.

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Are you using the app, or are you on the website using your phone’s browser?

With the iOS app.