Commit taxon change for my observations not working

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This may have been a problem for a long time but I’m not sure. I’ve opted out of automatically updating my IDs when taxon changes happen. In a one to one change, I don’t think you should be able to opt out as it is essentially the same ID with a different name. Taxon merges and splits, however, need to be evaluated. I don’t want hundreds of IDs to suddenly be lost or changed to an incorrect ID due to a bad taxon change. So, I keep this setting active to protect the time invested in doing IDs from the effects of bad taxon changes.

When I go to update my content, I see this button, which actually said something about IDs for others the first time I hit it. In both cases, I don’t think any changes were made:

Below that, there are often categories for my content which have numbers by them. In this case there was a 1 by “Identifications for others”. I clicked on that, then select all, and hit the button to update the content. That worked for my identification for others.

My one observation that I had ID’d, however, doesn’t change no matter what I do on the Commit Taxon Change page. It makes me wonder how many other taxa in the past didn’t update from that page. Likewise, it makes me wonder if there is any way to find out.

You can search by IDs for a given taxon, but I don’t know if you can search for active IDs for any inactive taxon. Here are all observations with an active ID for this inactive taxon:
Looks like your only observation is the one you’ve linked to. Interesting that the swap went through on this observation (using this search).

I’m sure there are people who prefer a naming system that is not the one used on iNat.

you can:

… and also summarized (count) by leaf taxon:

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That worked to at least double-check that there weren’t a bunch of my IDs that needed updating. I fixed most of those but have left the Urtica for now to see if the issue can be resolved.