The most iNatted plants without Wikipedia articles

More about iNaturalist and Wikipedia here.

Here are a bunch of plants with lots of iNat observations that don’t yet have Wikipedia articles in English.

Want to help create them?:white_check_mark: ALL DONE!

Here are a few examples of simple, short articles that you could use as a template:

Questions about editing on Wikipedia? Feel free to ask below or send me a private message here.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, there is a community of people happy to help get the formatting right.


Do you have a special way of generating these? Would be interesting to adapt it to, say, “most common obs in country X without a page on the Wikipedia of the language of country X” :)


Nope, nothing special. Just formatted a bunch of species names as wikilinks and parsed through the redirects and redlinks. But I’d also be interested if someone else can find a quicker/more dynamic way. :)


Various moss species might not warrant their own pages but are likely to have a fleshed-out genus page on Wikipedia already (and seeing the genus page might even help some realize they can’t necessarily id a given photo of some moss all the way to species after all). Is there a way to link in alternate, broader pages?


All species warrant their own articles. :) It’s not recommend to make a redirect from an accepted species to its genus (with some exceptions, like monotypic genera).


OK, in those cases maybe a stub would at least get someone over to wikipdeia where they could “click up” to the genus page if they wanted. Thanks!


I made you a Potentilla argentea page. Merry Christmas, although you may not see it until Easter.


Do you mean generating automatically a list of species without Wikipedia content, among the most observed species on iNaturalist?

I could do that.

Could you tell more?

Would you like separate lists for all Classes or Orders (cf. Taxonomy), instead of a single list with many unrelated species?


I’ll send you and @reosarevok a message :)


Thanks for identifying these species to work on! Started the draft for fall purple aster, and will return tomorrow to add more.

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Just to check, it may pay to verify there is not an article under a synonym or outdated name just in case the article names have not kept up with taxonomy. Some of these may already be there.

I already checked and whittled down the list quite a bit before posting this but feel free to edit the first post in this topic if you notice any others that should be removed.

@loopy30 has added several articles and the list is getting whittled down :)

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