The Uniqueness of Fulgaroids

Life is amazingly complex. Just when I thought insects could not get any weirder, this observation by @vania35 comes under the “Unknown” observations list.

At first, I thought it was an insect infected by a Fungus, so I labeled it as a Fungi. Later on, fortunately, someone else corrected my mistake by labeling the specimen as Lystra pulverulenta. I search online for “Fulgariods”, but there does not seem to be much on this type of insect. I welcome all information to elaborate and elucidate on this unique type of insect.


Try searching for “Fulgorids” (or Fulgoridae) rather than “fulgaroids” and you should find some information. They are a really interesting family of leafhoppers with quite a few unique morphologies!

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A truly amazing insect!

Fulgoroidea is the superfamily which includes all planthopper families, from piglet bugs (Caliscelidae) to the spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) to partridge bugs (Scolops). It’s an incredible group. Check out Pyrops and Fulgora for example.

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That is incredible! I’m curious, though - why not withdraw the identification if you no longer believe it is a fungus?

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Well, not all iterations of iNat include the Withdraw function. E.g., the iPhone app does not allow usersto withdraw an ID. AFAIK, iPhone users would need to log in to their page on to Withdraw an ID.

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I didn’t realize! Thanks.

Those strands coming out the end are made of a waxy substance. I don’t know much else though…

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