There is no automatic option to upload observations on mobile. (Android)

In the past, as soon as I make an observation it asks me if I want to upload it. I turned off auto-update. It still does that. But if I completely close the app and then open it again, it still has the un-uploaded observation but there is no option to upload it. I am on android. iNaturalist version 1.17.10.


Does the upload button appear when you drag down the screen to refresh the list?

Can you show a screenshot of what the observation looks like when you tap on it? (feel free to privately message if the location data are sensitive)

Yes, that does work, I have to open the observation and then go back out of it in order to upload it. Refreshing it doesn’t do anything. That was a mock observation. It was just a black picture in order to cause the bug to occur. Inside the obsevation, everything looks normal.

Ok, thanks! This looks like the same as this previous bug report, so let’s close this one and focus the discussion there

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