This observation would be research grade if not for a taxon swap


On this observation of leatherleaf mahonia, there are 3 older IDs are from before the taxon swap, and therefore identify the correct genus (mahonia). The 2 newer IDs are for species the first before the taxon swab (Mahonia bealei), with a taxon swap correction posted, and the second after the taxon swap for Berberis bealei. The observation is currently classified as diagreement to the subtrive level. Is there any way to correct this sort of behavior?


(edit) Whoops, just see choess’s comment below; seems Mahonia should be lumped, not split, if we are going to follow Plants of the World Online.

Sorry to add to any confusion! More on taxon changes here:

There’s a debate of long standing as to whether Mahonia should be lumped into Berberis. This was popular for a while (and is espoused by POWO), but the most recent literature I could find attempts to separate them again (which would mean that B. bealei and various others would have to be swapped back out to Mahonia).

Similar issue here.