Taxon Swap messing up community ID

So parrotfishes have been moved into the wrasse family. This observation has 3 votes for species and 2 that were swapped from the old family (Scaridae) to the new family (Labridae). What’s mucking up the formula here? The 3 species-level ID show up as Scaridae still, instead of as Labridae.

oh, I think I figured it out. the subfamily was swapped to Labridae, but the old family (Scaridae) is still showing up as valid.

I definitely agree, though, that existing agreement at a lower taxonomic level should not change when classification at a higher taxonomic level gets reshuffled. Will have to ponder how that might be avoided…:thinking:

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Yeah, since everything is working as expected given that taxon change and the placement of that species in the taxonomy, I’m not seeing a bug here. Closing to focus the conversation on the taxonomy of these fishes in one place: