Least concern species showing up in the “threatened” category

Whilst navigating the explore page for threatened species, I noticed some non-threatened species (INaturalist considers near threatened and everything lower) showing up. At first I checked their conservation status, which in some cases is regional for a least concern species, some examples are these


In some cases species that aren’t threatened at all show up, in this case

These were all found whilst browsing the threatened categories, so in the former case there should be a “regionally threatened” category to make navigation more effective for someone exploring threatened species, whilst excluding least concern species as well

For the last one, the Columbian white tailed deer is threatened, although that is not currently the community taxon

I’m not sure I’m seeing a bug here. Can you explain in more detail how it’s not matching what you expect to see? If an organism is regionally threatened, iNaturalist intentionally includes it in results for threatened species observations.

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The bug was the one with the white tailed deer, the first paragraph was just some insight regarding the regional status

I believe the conservation and geoprivacy statuses will also apply intentionally to leading infrataxon IDs.

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Yes, I think the idea is that for species that have taxon geoprivacy: obscured it’s important that if there is even a chance of it being that species it should be obscured. Apparently it also applies to non-obscured species, which makes sense for consistency. So if one ID is of a threatened species the observation will be considered threatened.