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I have a fast internet connection but it still “hangs” sometimes in the middle of the computer vision search, when I already know the identification and don’t need computer vision at all. There are also times when I would prefer not to see the “cheatsheet” when adding IDs.

I would like to be able to turn it off on the uploads page as well as observation detail pages. I am glad it continues not to be on by default on Identify, but others might want to access it more immediately than going to the Suggestions tab.

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I agree wholeheartedly with @bouteloua and have wondered about this idea before myself. I do not make use of the AI suggestions and the bandwidth and resources applied, however minimal, are wasted. Maybe on the user account pages there could be a way to turn if off on the account or account session.



I’m on a really slow connection here in the USA, even, and would also appreciate options like this that would streamline the upload process. I am not sure if it’s a consequence of the computer vision suggestion interface, but even when I type the full binomial it will often still hang for a while before it retrieves the matching binomial, which then needs to be clicked in the dropdown (otherwise the entered name is just considered a placeholder, apparently?). An option to turn off the AI and have the system automatically match to entered binomial or genus-only IDs without having to deal with the dropdown would be really helpful for uploading when the connection is slow.



I have had the same desire as @bouteloua - thanks for bringing this up!



i mostly use the Edge browser on a Windows PC to do my uploading, and for whatever reason, the uploader in Edge offers no computer vision suggestions. (it does offer suggestions in Chrome.) i don’t see much of a difference in performance whether i’m offered suggestions in Chrome or not in Edge. from what i can tell, i think sometimes the slight delays are more about the autofill as you type in names. i do definitely see cases where cryptic moths, say, seem to cause the iNat vision to think a while, but if i know what the name is, i usually just start typing, and there’s not an issue waiting on vision.

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Adding this to my weekly report.



Will write up a spec next week so I’m going to close this.


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